Ze Diaper Bag

Seeing I'll be a new mommy in about a month {ah-gasp! Really?}, 
I've had my eye on a few things I've wanted to get for baby and me.

How cute is that phrase?
Baby and me. 

I am so stoked to be getting a new best friend in a few weeks!
We'll have napping parties together, 
she'll eat my food ;), 
I'll get to play dress up with her every day, 
we'll smile together, 
cry together, 
snuggle together, 
love Daddy together...:)

Life is good.

Side tangent.
Back to what I've had my eye on.

A few months ago I started looked at diaper bags. 
Can I just say?
The prices of some diaper bags are ridiculously insane. 
Like really? 
I just want something cute and reasonable to put my baby girl's stuff in!

Too much to ask?
Ya. Sometimes.

Well, I went on a hunt. 
Of course I'm all about cheap and a good deal, 
but at the same time, I knew this bag was gonna become
my new purse that would become my other new best friend. ;)

So though the bag for $20 bucks looked inviting because of price, 
I was willing to pay a bit more for something I loved 
and I knew I would use for all my kids.

An investment!

I went to a few different stores and searched lots
{and LOTS....and LOTS...}
and then BAM. 

I saw my perfect match.
And it wasn't an arm and a leg in price!
Even better.

Once I decided this was it, 
I couldn't WAIT to get it. 

It's very roomy, 
made of that awesome fabric you need for a diaper bag
{kinda....plasticy-roughish...if ya know what I mean. Easy for cleaning},
CUTEST print ever, 
gender neutral, 
looks like a purse {seriously}, 
has lots of pockets and such for all your baby needs, 
a changing pad included,
and is totally my style. 

I found this beauty at Target.
It was $44.99, 
which may seem like a lot, 
but wait till you start researching diaper bags
and you'll find that's nothin'. :)

I was helping with a choir camp for a few days
and got paid so I used that money for my new diaper bag. 
So kinda like free! ;)

actually getting the bag was an ordeal. 
I kept my eye on it forever at the AF Target
and when I finally got the money from the camp 
and went to redeem my prize, 


So I went online and saw other stores that had them....
but upon going to the store, 
they didn't actually have them in stock.

I was about to just order it online, 
but then saw a few days later that AF Target
said they were in stock again. 

So I went that second 
and got my new prize!

I love it. 

I'm so excited to put all Charlotte's things in there
and to take it with me. 
{Okay, baby mama nerdy. But let me be excited
for a sec while I'm still stoked about carrying all her stuff 
while it lasts}. ;)


So my advice?

When it comes to the diaper bag, 
don't just go with the cheapest one unless you really LOVE it. 
It really will become your new purse {all Mama's agree!}, 
and you might as well get one that will last for a long time.

Totally worth it!

By the way.....

Ally Jo


  1. SOOO close!!! I'm super excited for you!!! Good luck getting everything ready and with the waiting! :) That really is SUPER cute and is making me think I need one, which I don't, but I might have to find a reason that I do. Exciting!!! :)

  2. Thank you, Kaylee! It was so good to see you the other night. It gave me courage that I can be a mommy too, just like you! Ha ha, glad you like the bag. It's so great! Love you lots. Hope to see you soon again and you can give me every bit of mommy advice you have! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!