The Honest Truth

it can be sorta hard being pregnant. 

I think I've gotten to the point where I can't remember
what it feels like to have a normal, woman body. 

Sprinting about.
Getting into a car normally.
Bending over.
 Not having a sore lower half ;).
Getting out of bed being easy.
Eating turkey sandwiches!
Having lots of energy.
Having a mind that works {most the time ;)}.
Lifting things.
Being able to cuddle with my husband 
without tell him to "give me some space"
because I'm uncomfortable.
Wearing heels.
Not as achy back.
Less trips to the bathroom ;).
Not being as emotional {well....a little bit less than pregnancy, ha}.
Watching a movie without discomfort.
Shaving my legs with little effort.
Non-swollen feet and hands.
Being able to wear my wedding ring.

Last night,
I sorta had a breakish-down moment.
Not like other pregnant ones where I'm a big ole mess
{those ones are bad news because they always end
in throwing up because I'm crying so hard},
but a break down nonetheless.

I lay in bed,
overwhelmed by many things in my life-
mainly pregnancy.

I just wanted to go to sleep to get away
from everything.

I discussed this with my sweet husband,
and he comforted me like he always does.
He told me how great I was doing,
and that soon enough,
we would have a baby girl to love
and that everything else in life would be okay too.

After I took a deep breath,
my mind got to thinking.
I shared my thoughts with my husband,
that I now share with you.

You know what?
Even though I'm in pain and this prego stuff is getting hard,
every single hardship of this is worth it.
Because it's all for my baby girl.
I would keep going till November if I had to
if it meant it was for Charlotte.

I would do anything for my baby girl.
I'd give anything for my baby girl.

Despite if I tell you,
"I'm ready to get this baby out!"
which is true,
there is a very huge reality
that I have loved my pregnancy.

Because I get the trade off of swollen body parts,
no energy, and getting out of bed easy for
the following things....

-Looking at my first ultrasound
and seeing a little tiny baby beginning to grow
and knowing that baby was mine.
All because of the love my husband and I have for each other.
-Realizing my dream was coming true of becoming a mother.
-Hearing her heartbeat for the first time.
-2nd ultrasound where I got to see all her little body parts
and that she was happily rolling around in my belly
like it was Christmas Day.
Decorating a nursery just for her.
Pink. Lots of pink.
-Starting to see my stomach become a little belly.
There's something fascinating and beautiful
about a pregnant stomach.
It's hard to explain...
but once you've experienced it,
you'll totally understand the pure joy I'm talking about.
-Holding my husband as he talks to our baby.
-Doing sealings in the temple
and understanding how 10X more beautiful
the promises we make and receive there are
because we are sealed to Charlotte
and our future family forever.
-Feeling my baby move.
WATCHING my baby move.
-Having someone need me and depend on
what I give my body to sustain their life.
-Hearing my baby's heartbeat every time
I go to the doctor's office and never feeling sick of it.
-Holding all her clothes to my belly
and knowing they will hold her soon enough.
My husband and I's strengthened marriage.
-Singing to my little babe in the belly.
-Getting to experience a taste of the love
Heavenly Father has for his children...

....and that, my friends,
is why every minute of this is worth it.
And that's the honest truth.

Love always,
Little Besty

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  1. This is so great, and so true. Pregnancy is so hard. But so incredibly worth it in the end. And soon enough you will forget how hard it really was and be wanting it all over again. ;) I hate to break it to you, but your brain never comes back. part of being a momma I guess.