Up At The Bird {Snowbird 2013}

A few weeks ago, The Best Family had a little vac-cay (vacation ;)) at Snowbird. It's up this beautiful canyon by Salt Lake City. Our family has a time share there that we share with my uncle so we get to go every other year. It was absolutely wonderful! Chad and I literally went straight there from our trip together to San Diego, so we got to enjoy 2 weeks of vacation.

We've had some additions to the family since our last visit to Snowbird, so it was fun to have all of us together with our new ones! My hubbie, Chad and little Carter and Charlie joined us officially. What fun we had! Everyone couldn't be there every single day due to work and other things, but there were a few nights that THE WHOLE family was there and it was the greatest thing ever. 

Here's the brosefs enjoying some relaxation. :)

Yummy dinner!

Chad and Carter spending some quality time together. Ha ha. 

He loves his little videos on the IPad. 

Um....cutest picture ever? I think....YES. Carter and Daddy! I don't think you get any cuter than that. 

Foot face....

The Johnson couple. :) Look at that pregnant belly...oh gosh. It's gettin' big! 


.Carter and Leaf.

.Jewls and Charlie.



.Benny Boy.

.Ally Pally.




.Sir Thomas.

It's crazy to think that's all of us! Every time we all get together, we feel someone is missing. Guess it's all those little grand-babies earnestly waiting to join us! (Charlotte's workin' on it). Seriously though. We are quite the gang and have the greatest laughs together. Let's be honest. We're all sorta unique and....interesting in our own way. Every addition to the family has brought a whole other color we were missing. But all our oddness adds up to one killer set of people. Family really is forever, and we wouldn't trade ours for anything!! 

Every year we're there, tradition must follow that we take the tram ride together up the mountain. It's BEAUTIFUL up there on the way up and we always have a good time in the mountain air. :) Lots of pics!

The brothers were having fun with the poles...awkward?...what?

Parents and the remaining children. :)

Mommy and Wilbur.

I love my Mommy! What a babe!


Girlies. (and Charlie)

The Sibs! Man, I love these guys to death. We've had such fun together as the Best Children.

The boys.

Love my hubbie!

Ze boys. 


Little Charlotte is gettin' big!

Brothers on the zip-line.

This is my "if you take another picture of me, I'll kill you" face to the husband. :) Ha! Seriously though.  I feel like once you get married, you're spouse becomes your personal paparazzi. Ha ha, gotta love my Chad Edward. 

When we're at Snowbird we eat lots of food (duh), relax, play games, go the the pool, hike, enjoy the spa (oh my eucalyptus room, which I couldn't go in this time due to baby), and trips down to Salt Lake for adventures and Litza's Pizza. Ah! Yum! We always have a splendid time, and this year was no less than that! Love you, fam. Can't wait till our next visit. :)

Ally Jo

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