Our Little Kicker

Everyday brings more and more anticipation for our little girlie to get here. Yes, we are freaked out about the no-sleep that will come. Yes, we're freaked out about how Chad will be working and going to school everyday, then come home to his wifey and baby + homework to be done. Yes yes yes.

But we are SO overwhelmingly stoked for this lil one to be with us. :)

She has become quite the kicker! She's always kicked multiple times a day, but about 2 weeks ago she REALLY kicked for like 5 minutes. Like, full on alien invasion in there! You could see the tum tum moving like crazy. She has quite the punch! Chad was close by so he felt her too, and we were just laughin' and laughin' with the biggest grins on our face. :) We're hoping this is a sign of having a little soccer player in the family! Oh Chad Edward would LOVE that.

Since around that time, her kicks have been harder. She has these episodes where they were like the first time she started kicking real hard. It makes me laugh out loud. And this includes at the Worldwide Leadership Training for missionary work on Sunday! While everyone else is laughing at the funny comment from a general authority, I used the opportunity to let out a laugh for my little Charlotte. :) Ha! I love being a mom already!

Today I tested out the "putting something on top of my stomach and watching it move" thing. I put my cell-phone on top of my bumpie and, wazam!!! It was jiggling back and forth. Love it! This will be a new favorite past time when she starts kickin'.

Everything is going along smoothly so far in this pregnancy (knock on wood!). Yes, I had a terrible 1st trimester full of buckets and buckets of puke and the toilet literally became my new best friend. I spent most of my days for about 2 months straight lying in bed and trying to get down anything that would stay. But now I feel SUPER compared to all that blah and couldn't be happier.

I do get hotter much quicker and easier (thank you, summer), and trying to get up once I've lied down is a joke (not to mention losing energy like a deflating balloon and having feet that swell up the wazoo) but I feel great other than that! I am lucky to not be sick and to feel peachy during these last few months. Let's hope it stays!

I know I should be posting pictures more often, but as most picture posters know, EFFORT is all I can say. :) Ha ha. When you don't have an Iphone to just press 2 clicks and it's on facebook in a second, it's a bit more of a process. So I will do my best to post pictures soon of...oh wait...my huge-of-life summer thus far.

Pics comin' soon! (Hopefully).

Well, I'm off to a weekend in Hurricane, Utah to enjoy the preparations and festivities of my cousin Brad's wedding! (Stoked? I think, yes.) Him and his girlie are adorable, so I'll post a picture of them. :)

Hooray for love!

Ally Jo

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