Real Love

Today has been a fun, relaxing day. 
A good representation of a lovely summer's day. 

It started out sleeping in and morning snuggles with hubbie (which is always good, except with the slight exception of both of our clouds of morning breath. Don't you wish their was some remedy that would make your breath naturally be minty fresh in the morning?), then sending him off to work {which was NO BUENO :(} for a long, full day at the MTC. After that, my mommy, sister and nephew, brosef, cousin and her kids hopped in the car and went to the duck pond! Hooray for duckies!

The ducks were super cute {minus the ones picking on the wee little girl duck} and gobbled up our bags of bread. Little children are adorable and my cousin's kids plus Carter make for a perfect outing. I must say, though, experiencing these first, intensely hot days of summer are NOT making me exciting for a full summer of being big and prego. My mom had 3 fall babies which meant 3 summers of being pretty big in the summers and I don't know HOW she survived! This is gonna be a loooooong summer. But Charlotte is totally worth all the sweat....and buckets and buckets of sweat!

After that, we journeyed to our family friends, The Andersen's to enjoy some DELISH, homemade donuts.

I remember in high school that my friend Kyle, an Andersen, would invite all us friends over for Donut Night where we would indulge ourselves in his Dad's amazingly perfect, mouth watering, melt in your mouth, HOMEMADE donuts. Ah.....they are to die for! They are waaaaay better than Krispy Kremes, and that's sayin' something. He fries them up, then you dip the top of your donut either in chocolate, or maple. Mmmmm...the BEST. I may have ate 1 or 2 more than I should have..but no ones counting points, right? Charlotte will just be super sweet because of my intake of sugar!

While I was there, I had a great chat with Brother Andersen (who is also a seminary teacher at AF High) about life and what not. There was something he mentioned that I wanted to write about today that I found quite interesting and am really looking forward to happening for me. 

We were talking about how I was gonna be a mama and how that was just so crazy {since he's known me since I was a wee little child myself} and said I was gonna be a great mom. I thanked him for his vote of confidence and that his words were very encouraging and I hoped I could be everything Charlotte needed. He looked at me and said he wanted to tell me something.

You know when you think you understand love when you're younger and a teenager, but then you get married and you feel this whole new level of understanding? Like that this love with your spouse is so much more deeper and intricate and beautiful than what you ever could have imagined before you were married? It feels great!

Then you have a child. And I promise you something. The moment you look in your daughter's eyes, Ally, you will experience a whole other world of love that cannot be explained. You will think, "I never knew I could feel this way" and will have such joy when you look in her eyes. Then as your children grow older, you will understand why we need babies so much. They are so innocent and close to heaven and the Father when they come to us. We always love our children, but of course they have their phases where they stray and we just wish they made good decisions and hope they become good people. When they're little, they still have that innocence and are OUR teachers. 

Wise man! :) I loved specifically when he talked about that love that happens when you hold and look at your child for the first time. I, as well as Chad, are beyond excited to experience that for ourselves. And our little girlie will be our teacher! :)

3 more months!

Ally Jo

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