Sometimes...there's just nothing in life like babies. 

Yesternight I had this hugo-humungo deep urge within me to want to just cuddle my little Charlotte so close right that second and that 3 months is gonna be the longest 3 months of my life. 

But don't worry. Chaddy calmed my anxious self and told me it's best that our little girlie gets some more cookin' till September. Ha ha, I couldn't agree more. I'm just getting so super excited to be with her soon!

My pregnancy has been a whirlwind for sure and I still have days I get up that I forget I'm pregnant. Until I try getting OUT of bed, then I sure remember. :) This has been quite the adventure. From the original unexpected surprise, to throwing up my entire insides for 2-3 months straight, to being whisked away to China while being pregnant, to body changes, to finding out we would be having a beautiful little girl and seeing her on the ultrasound, from baby kicks to pregnant bellies, from clothes beginning to be way to small to new maternity dresses----this has been a journey! But a beautiful journey at that. 

25 weeks! And random side note: This is my Grandma's shirt. He he.

So ya. Chad and I are TOTALLY stoked. We've been standing in her room discussing how we want to decorate her nursery every few days. Who knew my husband would want to play such an active part in decorating? I know. Definitely a bringer of smiles from me. 

In the meanwhile, we've had lots of time, 'specially with the free time summer has brought, to snuggle and hang out with some other babes in the family!

Mr. Carter is such a hoot. He was barely taking a few steps when I left for China, and on my return, he was a full on walker! Now he roams around the house at top speed like a crazy man and definitely keeps my sister, Leafy, on her toes. He gets sooooo excited and wants to show off to everyone that he's a cruzer! 

Ah. He's a lady killer already. Look at that face? I can't believe he is getting so big! My little man got his first haircut the other day and now he looks like a full on toddler. It made me cry to see him lookin' so old! It seems like just yesterday that I was holding my little nephew for the first time in the hospital just hours after he was born. Ah. Carter. Stop it. 

He brings such joy to all who see him. Seriously. He's the most adorable kid ever and he'll give you a killer smile that will make any rainy day a blazin' hot, summer day! Love you, Cartsie!

There has been all sorts of miracles happening around here lately, and the biggest one has blessed so many of us in just a short time. As many of our close family and friends know, my brother Christopher and his wife Julianne have been trying to adopt for quite awhile and weren't finding a lot of success. They had prospects that just kept falling through and it was so heartbreaking for everyone. It can be VERY hard to trust in the Lord's timing.

But Heavenly Father really knew best. :) Recently after another fall through from another birth mom that seemed like the last straw for my brother and sister-in-law, a birth mom appeared out of the blue. All the sudden, things clicked. The birth mom had the same name as my sister-in-law, Julianne! She had their same style and was the perfect match for the situation. Not to mention, Julianne Birth Mom is incredibly funny and we all just love her. It seemed like a dream that was too good to be true! But it WAS true!

All of us anxiously awaited the arrival of our little "Seahorse", as birth-mom Julianne called him. He couldn't come soon enough! Above anything, I loved seeing how happy my brother and his wifey wife were. They had been waiting so long to have a little one of their own and their waiting would soon come to rest. 

The DAY I left for China, we got the call. I was literally saying my final goodbye's to my Chad Edward and Mommy at the airport and my mom got a phone call that birth-mom Julianne was at the hospital! Oh good heavens. Really, Seahorse? You just had to wait till I was LITERALLY boarding the plane to come? Ha ha. Let's just say China was a looooong 2 1/2 weeks waiting to see that little guy!

Well, he was/is perfect in absolutely every way. Our little Charlie is the sweetest tempered little man and has been a beautiful addition to our family. 

Look how absolutely wonderful this is. My brother, a DADDY!

Jewls finally got her little one! She's such a good mommy. :)

Charlie is so tiny! I forgot how little these babies are when they first come to us! I love cuddling him close when I go over to my mom's and he's there. It makes me so so so so excited to snuggle my own little girl in just a few months! 

It's gonna be so fun to have 3 little cousins all within a year of each other on my parents side of the family. And they'll all be C babies! Carter, Charlie, and Charlotte. Charlotte will be so lucky to have her 2 boy cousins to look after her. :) 

So many fun times ahead! So many blessings! Life is truly beautiful, even amid the trials and heartaches we face. He truly knows us and has a plan for each of us that will bring us the GREATEST joy. 

Happy summer days!

Ally Jo

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