It's A Girl!

After writing a post about our little girl
and my sister's boys, I realized I NEVER wrote a post 
about finding out we were having a little girl!

Ha, ha. Silly me. 
That's what the craziness of leaving to China
4 days later after finding out will do to ya. 

Well, for posterity sake, I must write! The Friday before I left for China, we hopped in the car that morning and drove to my ultrasound. We were freakin' out! Today we would find out the gender of our wee one that we already loved to much! Chad and I were both equally excited for either a boy or a girl, so we knew we wouldn't walk away disappointed for a second. It would just be fun to know!

We had names decided for either one at that point. We've sort of had this thing/idea for our boys of using superheros real names. Like Clark (Clark Kent) for Superman or Anthony (Tony Stark) for Ironman. We'll see how that goes once we have boys, but we knew we loved Clark for 100% certain. So if it was a boy? Clark.  Clark Chad Johnson.

If we had a girl, we loved Charlotte. This was one of my names that I have adored forever and have wanted to name my first girl since the beginning of time. ;) There's a bunch of different places the name has come from-some namely one of my brother's friends that was super classy, and one of my favorite author's of all time, Charlotte Bronte. :) And NO, we are not naming our child after a spider, thank you very much Charlotte's Web. Good night. I thought, and Chad Edward agreed that the middle name of our first girl should have my name in it, and I wanted to tie in my mom and sister's name as well. So putting our names all together, Alisa emerged. So, Charlotte Alisa Johnson she would be. :)

We anxiously waiting in the waiting room. I remember we were reading an article about the Boston Marathon bombing....sad....but happiness soon followed a few minutes later when we went into the room. :) I laid down on the chair, plopped out the belly (too much information? Ha ha) and she squeezed the jelly on my tummy and we got to business lookin' at our baby!

Chad couldn't make it to my first ultra sound (which you don't see much anyway), so I was super excited for him to be here and experience this! It was so cool to see all the parts of the baby's body. Initially before we started, the nurse said it may be hard to see some things since the baby was only 19 weeks and usually she likes to wait till later to do it (but I was gonna be in China for the next few weeks), but she totally ate her words! She saw everything she needed to and said everything looks great. 

Some of our favorite things was seeing the baby's spine (super cool), and profile. The baby was playing with her ear at one point :) and then sticking her tongue out and wiggling it later on. She did some flips for us while we were lookin' at her! 

Now when it came time that she actually told us the gender of the baby, she said it mid-sentence so we actually barely even heard her. We were expecting some big pause like, ".....and.......ITS A GIRL!". But nope. She said something like, "and here's the abdomen, looks good...and this is the 'big name of something Chad and I had no clue what it was',  and looks like it's a girl....and over here in the foot bone...." WAIT. What? Oh!!!!! Wait, did you say, girl?!

Can we have a moment here?

She probably thought we were crazy because we didn't even react at first. Well, can you blame us? Ha, ha. We asked her if she said GIRL, and she re-assured us it was. Oh dear. Well, thank you nurse! Now we'll celebrate 3 minutes later! 

But we were SOOOOO excited! A little girl! Our beautiful little Charlotte! Daddy was now gonna have 2 girls to watch over and look after. :) It was a bright, shining moment for us new parents. 

It's kinda weird, and Chad would probably say, "ya right", but once I knew, it was like I always knew she would be a girl. Ya, I definitely had times I felt like it was a boy in the last few months, but GIRL just made sense! I knew that this was right-and meant to be and felt so much love for our little girl in that doctor's room. 

We enjoyed the rest of the ultrasound and every moment looking at our little girl. What an eventful day!

The next day we met up with Mama Gunther and she took some pictures for us for the announcement we had planned to tell our families and everyone. It was SOOOO fun, and we had a blast shooting it! This was the finished product. 

We had each picture wrapped individually and had each of our mom's open one, then Chad and I opened the last 2, along with some girl baby clothes we had gotten the day before. They loved it! It was so fun to see our idea come to life. And everyone was so excited for a little girl!

We love our little Charlotte so much and are enjoyed the special time we have with her while I'm pregnant. It's so special being able to feel her move around inside me, and to finally have Chad feel her too! You never get this time with them again, so we are enjoying it and look forward to actually having her with us in September. Hooray!

Ally Jo


  1. I love the full name you picked out, it's so beautiful! So happy and excited for you. :D

  2. that's so exciting! congratulations!