Keeping a float

It's time to get back to blogging.

I miss having a place to tell my stories to and it's sorta my outlet, so I decided it must be done more often. Not that I really have a choice to WHEN it will happen because this semester, kids....is a toughie.

Welcome to my Monday:

6:00 AM-first alarm goes off. Chad groans 'cause he has to deal with my alarm. Sorry, Hun!
6:10 AM-second alarm. I drag myself from my oh so comfy bed and sleeping husband and say my prayers.
6:10-6:50-Get together my stuff for school {if I wasn't smart and packed up the night before}, stuff some food in a container for lunch, attempt to do my hair {poor Chad, I NEVER really get ready that often. I mean, I get ready and such, but I curled my hair for the first time in a month the other day. Sad!}, and pull on some type of outfit. I like to be creative with my clothes, but lately I just haven't really had the time or thought to, so usually a t-shirt and jeans have to suffice.
6:50-7:06-I make my almost daily jaunt to the bus stop on BYU campus. Except today, since it's Monday, I get to take the car. Wahoo!
(On Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday I take the bus. I always sit in the back corners and pull out a book or read the newspaper or do some last minute homework. People are so interesting on the bus..haha)

Back to Monday.

I'm driving, so I leave more like 7:10
7:10-7:30 I drive up University Parkway to UVU. Usually I'm lucky because it's early and there's not much traffic, so I'm a happy puppy. Except the fact that it's WAY too early for normal humans.
7:30-7:45 I walk from the free parking lot that's 5 YEARS away from campus. Oh my. Remember I'm short, kids, so the distance is hard for these little legs! Plus a stuffed full back-pack on an owie back definitely doesn't help. I'm sweating in my shirt before the day has even begun.
8:00 Fundamentals of Conducting with Dr. Colonna. He's fantastic and I really like this class. Let's be honest with myself here. Every time I pick up my baton, I think, "Swish and flick!". Ha. HP nerd all the way. Chad saw me practicing my conducting in the bedroom one night and said, "You look like a wizard!"

That's because I AM a wizard.....

...technically speaking, witch......

9:00-Music History. And my brain is history. I promise I'm fascinated with all that chant and stuff, but Ally isn't a morning glory, so I'm afraid any class at this hour with result in a retention rate as slow as a mole eating dirt. But I make some wicked sweet doodles on my notebook. :)
10:00-FREEEEEEE for an hour! Unless it's Wednesday. Then I have voice lessons with Dr. Hurtado. He only the greatest voice ever. Ah. Die.
11:00 Group Piano 1. Welcome to actually having to do the RIGHT fingering.
12:00 FREEEEE! Unless it's Monday or Wednesday. Then it's Practice Room time.
12:45 Eat lunch like a vulture.
1:00 Chamber. Mmmmm....sweet Chamber. Nothing like being surrounded my brilliant musicians and a over the moon phenomenal conductor who came to my reception. Yeah, that's right. The busiest man alive came to MY wedding reception! What a guy!
2:10-3 Break/Octet rehearsal/practice French Horn
3-3:50 Brass Practicum. I think my carpet pad has collected more spit that my toothbrush. Eeeeewww for slurpy horns. Ha. But hey, I'm actually playing songs now! So yeah for progress!
4-5:30 If a Monday, go to Orem Maceys and Provo Maceys and do inventory for Johnson Brothers Ties.

And do homework. And make dinner. And do some dishes. And smoochie smooch my husband and have some SWEEEEEEET Family night. :) Then prayers and scriptures together, goodnight kisses, and lights out.

So, my life is kinda crazy. That's only 1 DAY. But somehow, I feel satisfied in moments. That's what keeps my going. I'll have a certain song I sing in Chamber that just takes my breath away and reminds me WHY I sing. Or I'll see the face of relief from another student when they hit that note just right or pass a test. Or a little kid will come up to me while I'm walking home with a black sparkly cloak over his face and just stand there.

Or my husband will be the most sweetest, perfect guy ever and do ALL the dishes and wash ALL the clothes just because and pick me up from the bus stop late at night so I don't get killed. And he'll get me ice cream. Lots. And he'll take me to the temple. Over and over and over again. :)

And we cry. Marriage definitely shows you what you need to improve on as a person. It's awesome, because we all want to change initially, but to actually REALIZE you NEED to change and you do....it's sorta an amazing thing. No wonder Heavenly Father has a plan for a man and a woman to be together forever. He knew what he was doing!

And we laugh. A LOT. I absolutely adore the fact that I'm married not only to my one true love, but to my very bestest friend. We do just what friends do. Make fun of each other {in a good way;)}, sing to the radio, poke each other, dance in our living room spontaneously, listen to each other's days, laugh about our lovely Lexus. I mean, it's awesome. I couldn't imagine life more perfect. Maybe a hot tub in our bedroom and some closet space....but other than that, perfect. ;)

Life is good. And I'm glad I'm writing this right now because it makes it more true. I realize it the more I think about it or write about it. Some days are just plain awful, and I know all who are reading this can relate in a heartbeat. But the good days definitely make the sicky ones worth it.

So we're surviving. With our water noodles and floatie devices AND our rubber ducky. Named Steve. :)

Take care, all. I would post some pictures of us as of late, but....we're still working out the camera transfer to computer issue. But for now, adieu! Happy Sunday.

Love. Love Always.
Ally Jo

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