Soccer. My new social network.

 Isn't this just wonderful. Ah. Look at what a hunk my husband is. MAN. I adore him.

Right now Chad and I are living in a lovely little basement apartment in Provo. It's in the neighborhood right between the Provo Temple and the Creamery, and 5 minutes away from good ole BYU. {Photos to come ;)}. I personally love it. Of course it's not a palace, but it's ours. :) Not to mention we have a completely carpeted bedroom, which is an added bonus. Yes, ceiling, walls, and all. Haha, quite classy indeed. Not to mention pretty sound proof.

We love it here. Yeah, we're STILL organizing things and such {DON'T look at the living room right now}, but it's our own little place and that's why it's perfect.

So I wanted to share an experience I had a couple days ago. Chad Edward signed up for an intermural soccer team 2 Sundays ago. Let's be honest. I was SUPER excited for him because one, I know he's been dying to play soccer again {his blood runs soccer!}, plus I would get to actually see him play since I only saw him play once in high school, plus plus I would get to see him all....manly and quite attractive. :) Great! Sign right up, hunny!

Well, after 30 minutes of trying to find the field, we finally made it to the field. It was turf, mind you, which felt super great to rub my legs against. But worth it! Anyway. Chad Edward and I feel sort of awkward 'cause....we know no one and Chad Edward doesn't even know who's on his team. Ha! We looked super cool.

Eventually we found boys on his team, which also meant other married women were close by....

...they found me. :) To my left sat a blanket full of girls chatting away a mile a minute. You better believe their hubbies' were playing soccer too. A girl named Jessica called me over and invited me to sit with them.

So sometimes I'm sorta....non-social...not so outgoing....ya know. Just odd. Ask Chad. He'll tell you all about it. ;) Then other times, I can talk to anyone or anything and have a great time and thoroughly enjoy myself. It's a Jekyll and Hyde thing for me and it kinda bothers me at times because I never know how I'm gonna be till I get to the situation. "What's wrong with me! I really can be a nice, sweet person, not a grouchy grouch".

However, I felt quite at ease with these girls. Yes, they were talking non-stop, a mile a minute, but they talked to me and I absolutely got a thrill out of hearing all their stories and opinions on certain topics. I think my most favorite moment though was a girl bringing news. "Guess what, girls, I'm pregnant!"

Oh boy.

Of course I could not be happier for her. Seriously, I'm in LOVE with babies forever. It was just a change of gears for me because I'm used to being in a group of girls that are talking about who's dating who, how cute that couple is, singles wards, and all that jazz.

But, my friends? I have entered the new realm of married women.

And it's quite a change of pace. :)

I actually really got a kick out of my evening, sitting with my new married friends. It made me excited to continue on in my married life and make married girlfriends. Who would have thought?! But the day is here! Chad Edward was THRILLED to see me socializing with some new girls from the field, haha. Love you, Hunny. Glad you liked my "putting myself out there thought I may feel slightly awkward" night.

So, I'm married. Wow. It still catches me off guard, but it's beginning to become so real. There's nothing like having a very very very stressful day and coming home to your husband popping out behind the door to lift you up in a big ole hug and big smoochie smooch. :) It's da best!

Take care, all. It's a busy time for everyone, but we can make it! Cheers.

Ally Jo

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