Dates and Such

That's it. 
I can't seem to pull myself
from my procrastination cycle of life, 
so I might as well blog. 

This past weekend, Chad Edward and I went on a date.
{And a much needed one at that}.
We were gonna go to Trafalga after dinner, 
but decided to scratch the golfing and just
relax and watch a movie from our childhood.

But to dinner first. 
It was this Mexican place where Fazoli's on 
State Street used to be.
And I got shrimp wrapped in bacon. 
Oh yeah. :)

It actually was just so-so, 
but still yummy in my tummy.
Then we went to BlockBuster, 
then Walmart, then searched Netflix
for Glory Road, a movie that Chad Edward
has been talking about non-stop for days
and that he HAS to watch it NOW-
but alas, 
we could not find it. 

So we watched Space-Jam instead. :)

Only the greatest movie ever!
I couldn't help but laugh {out loud, mind you}
at everything!
Oh man. It was great. Just like I remembered it.

So it was all great and dandy.
Yipee for dates!
Looking forward to a million more because
we'll actually have no school!


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