I got up extra early this morning
to thoughts of toothpaste,
my crackely feet,
comfy blankies
and a tad bit of anxiety.

Other than the latter,
they all seem to be fairly
normal for the early hours
of a new day.

Let us touch on the latter,
shall we?

True, I get anxiety
when I wake up
when I know a test
or performance is coming
that day.

Tis normal,
to say the least.

But, kids?
This squirming of my soul
was a tad bit different.
I took one look
at a little person
in a little picture frame
on my bed...
and my heart started fluttering.

Friends? Romans?
My pet fish I don't have?

I know you may all
be sick and tired of hearing
about my BFF saga,
but the truth of the matter is,
I need this little space of screen
and cyberspace to throw my
thoughts to and keep
poor Besty sane.

sorry if you hate me right now.

Maybe he'll read this someday.
Maybe he won't.
But let's pretend it doesn't matter,

Let's be honest.
The days are almost
to the teens.
I could watch
Cheaper By The Dozen
in relation to days left in
the near future...
till the days equal
driving home from
Cedar City,
knowing that in a miraculous
few hours,
my best friend will
walk into my presence.

Does anyone have
Cheaper By The Dozen?

what am I gonna do?

Thank heavens I'm going
to have women support in
the car ride home or else
I JUST might have a heart attack
and die...
which would be tragic seeing
that "chally re-united" {Ha. Cheesy?}
would have been hours away.

Thank heavens that
won't happen.

All I can say, kids?
There mere fact that I'll be able
to look at his name in my phone
and know that I can actually
call it
is already sending me over the edge.

In a very good way. ;)

I just thought of somethin'.
What if I'M the weird one?
He may be an R.M.,
which sometimes entails
certain oddness,
but what if I have a bad case
of (-)MG syndrome?

What if I act weird?

Ah, shoot.
It's gonna happen.
I just know it.
Just my luck.

Then again....
I think he's the only
person in the world
besides those in my family
that the insttant I walk into his
I feel utterly complete and safe.
I don't have a care in the world.
No obligation...
I'm just me.
I don't even try.
It's just so easy...

In conclusion,
hopefully this anxiety
will fade into a side effect,
and I can get back to thinking
about toothpaste,
crackely feet,
and comfy blankies.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Love always,
Little Besty

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  1. I am so excited for you! Seriously! I cannot wait to read your post about seeing him for the first time. AH!!!