"I Got You"

I get in that
"what if" mood
and start freakin' out
about the smallest things
in life.

Even what I want to do
with that piece of chicken.

I mean,
I could roast it.
Bake it.
Let it drown in oil.
{Oh yummy}
Or let it burn.

As for the bigger things
in life,

I worry.

But let me just say...
Conference sort of gave
me a new perspective.
{As always}.

It was as if President Uchdorf's talk
{among many}
was speaking directly to me.

Heavenly Father could have been
sitting there next to me saying,
I got this.
You know I do.
I've been here from
the moment you were created.
Don't you realize that?

I think about you every day.
Every moment.
I think about your worries
of that lack of milk in the fridge.
I care about your feelings
when you have a bad hair day.
I ponder the thoughts you have
about wanted to make the right
decision in a selection of your
eternal companion...
and I know you don't want to
disappoint that future husband
of yours.
I know you're working towards being
the best wife you could possibly be
with all your stength.

I know that you worry
about the whole school thing
and want it to work out.
You don't want to give up.
You want to keep becoming,
while still doing My will.
I know.
It's tough, huh?

I understand.
I think about how your
body aches and your eyes
can't stay open.
I think about the peace
you find from sun light
and the wind.
{That's why I give it to you}.

I think about your constant thoughts
about making sure others are happy.
I care about what your favorite snack is.
{You should eat chocolate more often. ;)}

I want you to know,
I hear those prayers.

They aren't just lost to the wind.
I actually LISTEN.
I don't pretend to.
I do.

And I am here.
Talk to me, sweet girl.
I do listen and pray
for you.

I want you to tell
me about all this
so that I can help out.
Give you that hug.
Wipe your tears.

I care so deeply,
that you can't even
comprehend it.


Can you remember this
for me?

And keep smiling that
radiant, beautiful smile?

'Cause it sure makes my day. ;)

I love you,

Never forget it."


*Whew. :)

I have a good life.
I am so grateful to be here,
and above all,
so phenomenally over-joyed
that I have such a marvelous
Father in Heaven.

Thanks for watching
out for me. ;)

I love you too. :')

Love always,
Your Little Besty

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