I Just Don't Know

I just cannot figure it out!

Every couple of days,
I see this kid.

And he always greets
me with the most enthusiastic
"we've been dear friends forever"
hello, to ever exist.

I certainly have no objection
to such a joyous event...
but can I be honest?

I have no idea how he knows me!

I've seen him around,
know he goes to school here,
know he's a pretty cool cat,
but I just don't understand...

Did we meet somewhere
and have such a joyous
"getting to know you"
experience that we
became instantaneous
BFF's and had some serious
heart to heart,
that now means every exchange of
glances and hellos is
so extremely meaningful?

I'm sure.

I just feel like
a bad little girl
because I don't know
where this friendship began!

Anyone have a similar

Please share yours!

Happy glorious Friday,
my dear ones!

Love always,
Little Besty


  1. I've had those moments too...where you feel you have met that person or seen them before. With me it was almost always because I have worked retail for so long that people just recognized me...even if I didn't remember them. Life is interesting:)

  2. Isn't though? It just makes me wonder if those connections happen because...well...we knew each other not too long ago. But in a place very different from where we are now. ;) Who knows!