Lookin' Up

"We are all in the gutter,
but some of us
are looking at the stars."
~ Oscar Wilde

I just like to look up.

It makes me feel important.
It makes me feel like I matter.
It makes me feel like we aren't alone in this...
and I have 67 guzillion stars waiting to help me.

I make mistakes.

I find that,
Some days...I end up
tripping unexpectedly
and find myself
laying in the gutter.
I really messed up...
and then I don't know what
on earth I'm gonna do.

But then,
with the tips of my fingers,
I brush the gravel beneath me
in that gutter,
soak up the remaining drips of
water surrounding me,
and look up.

Then I know it's
gonna be okay.

I don't know what it is,
but sparkly things that wink
at me and glimmer in the darkened
night really have an affect on me.

And no.
I don't mean Edward.
{He doesn't sparkle in
the dark anyway-gosh. ;)}

I mean those exploding
balls of starlight that
caress the sky I look to.

I have to have hope.
It's apart of what
has to be done in order
for my spirit to be kept alive.
It's apart of me.

So I look up.
'Cause hope exists there.

And sometimes,
if you're really careful,
you can reach up...
and grab some of that stardust.

But like I said,
be careful.

It's delicate stuff,
ya know.

Let me know how that goes.


When I was little,
I sort of had an obsession
with stars.

I had the books.
I had the pictures.
I had a telescope.
I had the song DOWN.
And I had a backyard
that was always open
for a good "star-gazing".

I pretty much grew up looking
at those stars
every night.

And I have to say,
like already mentioned,
it changed me...
and continues to do so.
{For the reasons already stated}I really believe that.

It'll change you.

Go outside tonight...
and see what lookin' up
does to you.

And get some stardust
while you're at it.

It's always handy to have in
your pocket for those
special occasions.

Love always,
Little Besty

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