Life is a Highway

My little brother
of mine
sat down at the table
this fine eve
to enter into the
of questions that
come with getting a permit.

Pretty sure he'll pass.

Hopefully. ;)

After a series of questioning,
we arrived to the
difference between
a freeway and a highway.

William possessed
a troubled face,
confused as to if
there really was a difference.

With guidance
from our British bro
and mother,
we received our answer.

I found great significance
in my mother's selected words.
"Pretty much, a highway
is anywhere.
Our neighborhood road
is a highway.
What creates the difference is that
a freeway has multiple lanes
and a barrier between the
direction of cars".

With that definition,
I realized what depth
was created by Rascal Flatts
choice of words,
"Life is a highway",
"Life is a freeway",
which fit perfectly
with the thoughts
running through
my mind on this day.

Today marked the day
that my singles ward,
{the Larsen Park Ward},
was dispensed with.
The single adults in my area
are now apart of a YSA stake,
which consists of all singles wards
spreading from Pleasant Grove,
Cedar Hills, and Highland.

Our ward was split in half,
and added on to
other singles wards.

I'm now a Heritage Park YSA single. ;)

The whole event
has been filled with
tests of faith,
and obedience.

It wasn't until my former
stake president,
President Scoresby,
had a special gathering
with our now non-existing
Larsen Park singles ward
that I realized just how much
I would miss the unity
we had created...together.

We had created our own Zion
in a little ward of singles.

We were strong and steadfast.
Our testimony blazed with sparks.
We simply loved each other.

life was bringing changes
to our little clan.

I've realized a lot in this process.
As Elder Snow of the
Presidency of the Seventy
addressed us,
I felt his message of accepting
change and realizing the beauty
that comes with it.

Our lives consist of chapters,
which means there has to be a
"final paragraph".

Those chapters don't always
end perfectly.

A lot of the time,
the protagonist is left
to some sudden event
that happens seconds before
a new beginning labeled
"Chapter 2",
and now they must react
to their uprising conflict.

How do you handle change?

Now I come to my "highway" point.

Our personal highways
can reside anywhere.

Maybe it's in a city.
Maybe it's in a neighborhood.
Maybe it's within a college ward.
And maybe it's in the process of
turning at a stop sign,
or preparing for a green light.

No matter what,
there are no barriers
separating us from one another.

Might I remind this vast
void of space and time
that I write to
of wise words
that can be found in Romans.

"For I am persuaded that neither
death, nor life, nor angels,
nor principalities, nor powers,
nor things, nor things present,
nor things to come..
Nor height, nor depth,
nor any other creature,
shall be able to separate us
from the love of God,
which is in Jesus Christ our Lord".

"Nor things to come..."

It is downright scary
leaving something behind
that created a lot of who you are.

It could be high school,
your home ward,
or even a group of friends.

When I left to Cedar City,
I thought my brain
was going to suffer
some mass explosion
of volcanic steam
from how much fear
I felt from leaving
everyone I knew and
loved behind.

But here's the thing.

Those barriers are
never going to spring up
in your highway.

Nothing can separate you
from what you know and feel.

It's like when you see an old friend.
Even though you haven't hung
out for ages,
it's still the same.
It's like you never left each other.

with the separation from my
beloved singles ward,
I find comfort in knowing
that our little family
will always exist,
and our love for each other
will never die,
because our love was created
through our Heavenly Father...

and his love is inseparable.

And with this love
and growth of testimony
that I have gained while being
in their presence,
I carry it with me
to my next destination.

Your spark lives on
because it is grounded in you
and will go with you...
no matter where you go
or what you do.

Then your spark
turns into a flame...
and it spreads.

Like a wildfire. ;)

Maybe I get a bit
ahead of myself and "speed"
past views that I should have
stopped by,
and I may get a flashing light
in my face
now and again,
at least I am on the road,
moving towards some

I'm on my highway,
surrounded by my fellow
drivers who are
"letting me in",
despite my "cutting off"
skill and they are loving me

They're helping me stay
on the right road,
no matter where I go...
no matter where my next turn
takes me.

They will always be there.

Here's to my new adventure
on a new road.

I love you,
Larsen Park Singles Ward.

Your little besty
will miss you greatly

Love always,
Little Besty

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  1. Awww... :) I miss you Ally! This post is incredible. Thank you for always providing such uplifting insights!