17 Miracles

You should probably see this film ASAP.
I've been speechless, since seeing this film...
for 2 days.

Your life will be changed.

When you see the snake scene?
The brown hair girl
is my great great great grandmother.

Mary Hurren.
Bodil Mortensen was one of her
best friends on the trail.

My ancestors came across
with the Willie Handcart company,
which is the company
focused on in this phenomenal film.

watching a produced film
with your ancestors
all over in it.

How proud I am to be apart
of this beautiful gospel,
for people, such as these, my ancestors,
sacrificed till the death
to live in and have their place in Zion.

It is true.

17 Miracles

See it TODAY.

Love always,
Little Besty

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