Take 2

So maybe it's true that as I go through-out the entire day I have a dialog running through my head that could be a possible blog-post or journal entry. It's normal.

::People Watching Take 2::

I went and ate lunch in the "Caf" today. I usually never do but, hey, why not?
Plus it's a perfect place to do my ::people watching::. ;)
Obviously I went alone...just done with class...hungry, I might as well!

I sit down with my beef sandwich, corn, apple-juice, milk, and red Jello and begin.

On my right are two asian kids...how I wish I could understand them! They're obviously great friends with the way they joke with one another. It's been a long friendship judging with the "comfortableness" they have. I like 'em!

To my left are the usual track boys. They always wear the same shirts...odd?

Behind me sits my Elders Quorum President, Jayson. He just made Godspell...still getting smiling passerbys telling him "Congrats!". I smile...I'm so happy for him! He's sitting at a table with a theater buddy and a few asian kids. Jayson is very friendly with them all...I admire this. What a great guy.

Farther behind me I can hear Brogan laugh. Oh boy. ;)

Across from me a table over sits a man. He could be a professor, or another one of those random adults who drop by the Cafeteria and think, "hey, maybe i'll be insane enough to join a bunch of crazy, loud, college kids for lunch". I respect you, mate. :)

He has a very odd lunch. Some little dessert cup with what looks like jam and granola...I didn't see granola anywhere today. He holds a pen with an orange tip and has a workbook open. He's studying it. He has glasses, older, mustache...he reminds me of someone but I can't think of who. He wears a sweater.... this guy is awesome.

I sit and smile at myself as I look out at the snowy sidewalks. If only the world knew that the girl who may look alone sitting by herself is actually totally enthralled with the happenings around her.

I take out my "Future Family" journal while sipping some red Jello {after I've watched it jiggle of course} and read a few entries. I laugh at the "family quotes" section. Out loud, mind you. Ah. I love laughing out loud when I'm alone in a crowded room. Ah ha!

The room has shifted. Asians are gone, Jayson has jumped up and left after stopping and talking to a friend...track boys have switched up..girls sit to my left...it's time to leave...making room for the next "shift" of people.

What did I learn today?
*I love watching people study while they eat. It fascinates me. I feel so great when I read while I eat or study something. I don't know why....but I just do.
*People are so caring...I love when people sit next to those sitting alone not because they feel bad for them, but they genuinely care and WANT to sit by them. Just because they want to feel of their warmth and spirit.
*Dry beef on dry bread isn't my favorite.
*I still love red Jello. And it still reminds me of my buddy, Aaron.
*People are so great. For reals.

Love always,
Little Besty


  1. I find great joy from this. Just a few days ago I was at the mall with my husband. He was talking to his friend so of course, I started people watching. His friend made some comment and then said "oh did Rach hear that?". Well, I didn't. Drew just laughed and said "Rach is the biggest people watcher you will meet. She just loves it." lol. I do. It's true. And I can totally relate to you.

  2. Isn't it the greatest thing? My favorite is guessing what people are thinking or what's going on with their life. Also, I love watching a group of people or just a few and guessing relationships..friends, couples, brother-sister....it's so great. ;)
    I'm glad you share my same excitement.

  3. Ally, you are so darling. We should people watch together sometime. My favorite is watching people in the rotunda around meal times. :) Your love for people inspires me!