People Watching.

Today I witnessed something quite silly, but fantastic and it was all due to People Watching. ;)

Have you ever had certain person in your life that you haven't ever really met, but you see them everyday? So you feel like you know them, right? You watch them everyday and notice what they're doing...who they talk to...etc. It gets more interesting as you add more than just one person to your "watchee".

Here's the story.

I see this group of college students at the beginning of the school year in the cafeteria. Still making friends, just hanging out, etc. I notice a certain person and find it intriguing to watch them. I see them almost everyday...why not? {This isn't creeper, I promise. You've all done it.} Well, I continue to see this person with another person of the opposite gender. My original watchee was a male. I can see from how he looks at this "friend" of his, that he cares about her a lot. Already. And they've only known each other a few weeks.

Well then I notice the look isn't only a "Gee. You're wonderful" look, but a "Ya...maybe you'll never like me in that special way, but I'll care about you anyway and be your best friend". I had the happy little satisfaction of walking into my friends room one day to find my "watchee" sitting on my friend's desk. It was like I was bumping into someone I totally knew! But he had no clue who I was. Can you imagine explaining myself if I chose to? "Hi! I watch you everyday and notice this this and this about you. Isn't it great?! You could call me a stalker!". Ok. Not that dramatic, but it could be taken that way.

{*Side-note: I did not start watching this guy because I was freakishly attracted to him or anything. He just seemed interesting. Thanks}

I got another look at him...alright. Found out he was an Elders Quorum President...got back from the mission a few months ago...hmmm. More of the personality came out. By the end of my visit with my intended friend, I had determined the fact, based off my watching and interpretation of his personality that he probably really liked this girl, but for some reason she wasn't feeling the same way, giving in, afraid of a relationship, etc. I didn't even ask the kid about any of this and just knew...guessed...that my ideas were correct.

These two hang out more. They develop a closer friendship. All is going well. It's been a few days since I've seen them. I ask my friend who is in their ward if the two are together. "Ah, it's complicated. But no, they're just buds". I predict in my little mind, based off my knowledge and instinct, that within a month they will be dating, together, whatever. Let's if I was right.

Then I attend my friends ward for fun, and I realize this is also the ward of my watchee and the girl. I find where he is sitting....where she is sitting...and by the time he finishes passing the sacrament and is excused to sit down...they are by each other. No biggy right? Well....then I see something that begins to confirm what I think to be true.

His arm goes around her.

Let's not get excited. It could still just be a "we're just friends like that". Then I see a look they give each other....hmmm. That doesn't just happen with anyone. By third hour, they've sat by each other in almost every meeting, and now they are leaning their heads against each other and whispering in the back. His arm is around her again.

Dear friends,
I believe this is a sign.

After church when I'm walking home with my buddies from my watchee's ward, the topic comes up. It's complicated, she went home for a weekend and thought it over, and "who knows" but pretty sure they're together.

I am brilliant. And a matchmaker. Ok...I didn't match them up but my predictions are exceedingly accurate. :)

What does all this mean and what is my conclusion? I feel like my dear friends just hooked up and I am so happy for them because we "all knew it was coming". Too bad they don't even know who I am or that I care. ;)

So? I continue my watching. I saw the couple today, laughing in the snow together while walking to dinner and was happy for them.

Happy hook-ups! Maybe your watchee will soon do something big. And you'll be happy too.

:)It can happen.

Love Always,
Little Besty


  1. ally, this is amazing. i was laughing my head off, because #1 it does seem stalkerish #2 we all do it #3 you are an amazing writer. the end

  2. you're so cute!! you're more than welcome to watch me and my man steak at church to see how things go........ :) haha you ARE an amazing writer.

  3. Leaf leaf. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Haha! I'm still watching them and that dude gave me a weird look yesterday...do you think he can read my mind secretly and knows EVERYTHING? Dang it...
    Thanks Sis. I try. If I could write novels, I would. ;)

  4. Steph! Please can I come watch you guys without you knowing? Haha. I'll let you know if there's any potential or not. Hehehe ok...I'm sure you can tell me that yourself but might as well experiment. Love you Steph! Hope all is well with your man.