Just a word or two

I'm not exactly sure what to write about, but I just wanna write.

I love watching little kids. They are so...carefree. They literally don't care a bit about what anyone thinks. My little 2nd cousin, Carly, {which I will just call cousin from now on ;)} is my favorite to watch. At dinner on Sunday, her dad Tony asked her to show them her dance. She just started dancing! And looked so into it! Is she two? Three? I love her! What sound does a lion make? "RAAAR!". Oh my. And her new baby brother is so super cute by heavens!

Anyway. Just had to give her a spotlight.

You know one thing that REALLY bothers me? Haha please lets just go from happy to venting in a moment, Ally Best. Ah gee. ;) So, it just pushes my buttons when you're with a group of people a number of them just sit and talk about something non-stop that they know full well no one is apart of. "Oh remember this? And wow that was so great. Let's show everyone ten times what happened". Is that brutally honest? It's fine to sit and talk about old times, but not be talking about something over and over again when it's just a small group of people and they have no idea what you're talking about. You've had this happen to you before, I know it. There's a group of three of you or maybe four and in a second you're left out of it all. It's really not THAT big a deal, but I just wish it didn't happen that often.

Done! With Venting. ;)

I get to see my family for a whole week. Whose excited? I'M EXCITED. Yeah! I get to have my Daddy call me Mo and give me his hugs, talk with Mom for hours, see Christopher's belly ;), chat and laugh with my adorable sis-in-law {sister!} Jewls, be myself with Leafy and laugh and laugh, have heart to hearts with Sir Thomas and beat him up, hug my dear brother Benny and see him smile, and get to attack William with my new learned skills of tye-quan-do. {Guess what? That's not how that's really spelled!} And I also get to see so many more people that I adore and are apart of me!!! YEEEEEEEE-HAAAA! I love life.

You know what's the best? When you get an amazing compliment from someone you really REALLY respect and just want to be super great friends with so bad and sometimes get too afraid to talk to because you don't know what you're gonna say and have looked up to them from the moment you saw them speaking in church.....did I say too much? ;)

Well, my clothes are hung up, my room is almost clean, I'm gonna load the car for tomorrow's trip.....life is splendid. There really is so much to be grateful for.

Love you world!

Love always,
Little Besty

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