I love me seester. 


If you know Elise, you know what I'm talkin' about.

Elise has always been my rock. The one I can look to. The one to be honest and straight up with me. Ever since I was little, I wanted to be just like my sister. Everything she did amazed me. I remember going to YW when my mom was a leader and Elise was in YW because I wanted to be by her and watch her. Kinda creepy, but not. When she had a birthday party at our house, I wanted to be one of the friends and hang out with her and play games. She was/is the coolest girl ever in my eyes and I couldn't get enough of her. My sister was my role model.

Leafy is the most beautiful woman ever. Seriously. You all know this. When I say this, I mean outside and in. She has a heart of pure gold and always cares about others. No one feels awkward around Elise. Everyone feels special and important. She is a comfort and brings peace to your troubled heart. You know this if you know Leafy. It's a great, spectacular gift she has. 

I have an incredible love for my sister. We started becoming real good friends right when I needed her. We would talk in the car and listen to 97.1 station on the radio and rock out to hip-hop and other crazy stuff. She gave me the greatest advice about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. She still does. 

Elise is super smart. I've always admired her brains. This doesn't really mean just school, though she was a wiz {except that one class in college....haha!}, but just about life. If I have a question about anything, she has an answer or somewhere I can go looking. Seriously, she's like an encyclopedia! She is a hard core worker and learner and I love that about my sister. 

Her spirit is phenomenal. Leafy has always had a strong, firm testimony in the gospel and it's provided me strength multiple times. I love hearing her thoughts on gospel principles and what she believes because it blows my mind. She has the most beautiful testimony ever.

What an incredible sister. I'm completely, over-the-top content with only 1 sister because she is every single thing a sister is. I would never trade her in for the world! Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he put us together because she has drastically changed my life as my big sis. Oh boy, has she ever. 

Now Elise is about to have a baby. A little, beautiful, amazing, bouncy baby boy. I FREAKED when I found out, not because I was gonna be an Aunt {which I freaked out later about by continued hours of screaming in my room}, not because we'd have our first grand-baby, but because ELISE was going to now be a mother. My role model now a mother! I couldn't be more excited for her. Her son is THE LUCKIEST boy alive. He is being born to the most lovable, beautiful, kind, sweet, tender, strong, firm, hard-core, spiritual, phenomenal woman ever. My sister. My Leafy. My Elise.

I can't describe how I really feel about this matter. All I can say is, my sister is better than words could ever say. And my nephew is gonna be awesome, because Mommy Leafy is awesome. :)

All my love to you, Leafy. I can't wait to hold your little one! How blessed he is to be your lil guy. Never forget how much I love you!!!!!

Happy Becoming Mommy Day this Sunday! Love you!

Love always,
Little Sis

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  1. Awesome! I'll see you on next sat Ally :D (as well as whenever you're in the ward or whatever ;) )