A Day

Today was a day {if ya know what I'm sayin'}.
I was probably every  side of the spectrum of emotion, which is no bueno for the little brain I have. Like when you mix together ALL the colors of paint? It's what....brown-ooey-death color? Yeah. Not good for the health of a working head.

But like the quote above ^ says, there were wonderful somethings in my day. Signing a document saying I was going to marry the man of my dreams, feeling like a sweet college kid again as I walked down the hall of the university, eating my favorite treat with my mommy, going to the temple with my sweetheart, buying donuts at a discount price and eating them with milk, cuddling with my baby nephew, playing with a puppy, changing into my fiance's superman shirt {don't worry, by myself of course :)}, singing EFY songs with my future hubbie, and snuggling up to episodes of The Cosby Show.

I would say those were GREAT somethings.

When you type it out like that, it reminds me how sweet life is-and that I'm real blessed.

So, if you're having "a day", take a sec and maybe write down a few somethings of your day. It may turn out you actually had a pretty swell day after all.


Your Little Besty

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  1. That sound really wonderful :)