Happenings as of Late 2

Due to a tragic disease that both my mom and I's cameras have caught, I've realized and confirmed that I haven't done a lot of posts lately with pictures of current events. I promise this will definitely end when I'm all hitched and moved into our happy place. :)

But without pictures, things are moving along slowly. Wedding planning is super fun, and then not so much on days where you're driving in an un-air conditioned car all over the universe and your knee pits are sweating up a storm. Then you get grumpy gills sickness and hate everyone that talks to you.

I went to UVU yesterday {for the 3rd time, which is a whole other story to get mad about, but I'm deciding to look over it} to get everything finalized for FAFSA and all that jazz. Ya know, making sure I don't start school and they say, "Oh! You didn't pay this random fee that you never saw...". And let me tell you, I am NOT doing all that fun stuff on my honeymoon, so it was going to be completely solved! My financial counselor is just the best. Good ole Melissa. She makes everything so much better and happier. My mom and I sat down like a pair of trolls from driving in the heat and that stupid kid that clearly took our spot by cutting us off on purpose  {which I never really get mad about driving stuff, so this was a big deal for me}, and it was like Melissa was our fairy godmother. Magic! We left all pretty like princesses and happy as could be. Ah. I love good service!

I adore the fact that I get to hold my little nephie {nephew} every single day. We get to have Auntie/Nephie bonding time and I just love it. He's already so different that a few weeks ago! He's building up some muscles, making new sounds, making little smiles-just so cute. I'm seriously having withdrawals about moving into our apartment because then I'll only get to see him once a week! But, alas,  I'll just have to enjoy the weekly growing upness I get to see from my little guy.

I go to the temple in 5 days for my endownment and I am just the most exciting thing ever. Seriously, folks, I have been waiting and preparing for this since I was a wee little one, and now the time is here! It's so surreal and I just can't believe it. What a wonderful gift Heavenly Father has given his children.

Well, I must be off to accomplish other things! Here's to being bride in 11 days!!!



  1. I'm so excited for you to go through the temple!! Aaahhh that is seriously going to be the best. I am excited for that day to come for me too :) Love you girl! Hope wedding plans are going well~

  2. Congratulations :) Maybe you could give me some advice on how to get a guy eh? hehe ;)