Changes in Snow and Mr. Coat

that's it.

my dear friends.

This will not be the post
that the whole universe has been
waiting for,
{Don' t worry...it's coming soon!}
but I just couldn't resist writing
to my dear cosmos of internetty...

Ok...that was lame.

5 points taken away
from Gryffindor
for lack of intelligence.

{Cue smack on the forehead}

today I got to thinking
about some stuff.
Which is completely off the rocker,
I know. ;)

When I went downstairs to greet the day,
I opened the door with a light sweater
to accompany me on my way to school,
and a lovely layer of SNOW
decided to join me.

"Oh...hello snow.
I didn't know you were
coming...I didn't expect you.."

So I had to get my friend
Mr. Coat to come with me
so I didn't feel so socially
unstable to deal with such uneasiness.
Which, I might add,
made sweater feel all hurt and stuff,
so I'll have to deal with that drama later.

Regardless of sweater's hurt feelings,
Remind me to send Mr. Coat
a box full of chocolates
tomorrow with my most
thankful regards.

And I'll take sweater to lunch.

Back to Snow.

I guess I got over all
the silence that then came to pass
once I actually stepped outside
with Snow...

Question for my audience.
Am I just SUPER not able
to carry on a normal conversation?

I mean,
I want Snow to feel
validated and that he matters,
but I just don't know if we
have the right chemistry,
ya know?

Back again to Snow.

I must not be a good enough
because by mid-afternoon,
Snow left me.

What can you do?
I mean, it just wasn't
flowing like it should
and I didn't see a future
with us...
so I guess I'll get over
the fact that I feel awful
about hurting Snow's feelings.

Next time?
I'll be ready,
at any given moment,
to give Snow my full attention
and anticipation.

I'm glad that's set in stone.



so on a more serious note,
besides my childish talk of
how the weather and my clothing
are my closest friends,
the weather today got me thinking about some stuff.

This morning,
there was indeed a blanket of fresh
snow caressing the earth.

It was unexpected,
and frigid.

this can be related
to experiences that happen to us.

Come out of nowhere...
and they make us feel
cold, frigid even, and alone.

they sort of have a beauty
to them,
don't they?

I mean,
crystalized objects
falling from the heavens
seems a BIT surreal
to me.

And those flaky objects
falling from the sky
make us better.

our hardships will pass,
and by noon-day,
the Son will come
and melt our worries....
and stresses...
and frozen hearts.

Just like THAT.
{snap of fingers}

And that process
and how fast it can happen
is a bit unexpected and surreal
all in itself.


Let's find the magnificence
in those delicate flakes....

even if they require an awkward
encounter with Snow. :)

Love always,
Little Besty