Bubbly, Turning Insides has never been more Pleasant

If my stomach keeps
squirming like it has for
the past 4 weeks,
I'm gonna have some
by the end of this week.

...because let's be real.
It AIN'T gonna stop.
It's just gonna get more intense.

I wonder if I'll even be able
to put food in my body in the next
5 days.

{Obviously I have to
or else I will die.
So, don't worry}

Because today?
I had a whole 6 million
pound "brucey" chocolate
birthday cake sitting
in front of me,
and I could barely get down
2 gulps.


'Cause I realized, the next time
I sit down at a table to eat
food in my hometown,
he'll be sitting right next to me.

And I seriously think food
will be the LAST thing going
through my mind during
those breaths...seconds...
and moments.


Even now,
my tummy is doing flips!
Cart Wheels!


I'm not gonna deny the fact
that my mind is exploding
{and my stomach has joined
in on the fun now, apparently}
for the fact that
this is real.

It's really happening,
whether I'm ready or not.

My Best Friend
is returning with honor
from the OTM
as a full-time missionary
of the Lord,
this Friday.

He has fulfilled
his mission,
and will continue to fight
in this battle
and bring his brothers and sisters
to Christ the moment he walks
off that plane.

I couldn't be more proud
of my very Best Friend
in the entire universe.

So, kids?

Life is good.
Good things happen.
We are blessed.
And Heavenly Father loves us.

Have a wonderful week.

'Cause my squirmy tummy
and I sure will!

Love always,
Little Besty