3 months and counting!

       I just had to post some pics of my growin' baby girl! She is already 3 MONTHS old and I cannot believe it. Charlotte is such a sweetheart and smiles like crazy! Little Miss loves making noises and lifting her head up all by herself when you hold her. I just love her to death.

~1 month~

~2 months~

~3 months~

She's still pretty little, but I love watching her little features grow. :) And Charlotte has finally made it into 0-3 month clothes! Hooray! My sweet girl had some little troubles gaining weight in the beginning, but now she is catching up to that weight train. :) I think she's such a great mix of Chad and I. Yes, her eyes and ears are DEFINITELY her Daddy's, but she's got me too! Oh she's presh. 

1 month.
 {Gotta have one unhappy picture, ha ha. Babies aren't always happy-that's for sure!}
2 month.

3 month.

 ~Faces of Charlotte~

1 month

2 month

3 month

Seriously. I've already said it but I love watching her grow! She's a doll. We love our Charlotte Alisa!

Ally Jo

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