Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday
from the Johnson's!

Charlotte LOVES her Daddy!

P.s...we like to match on sundays. :)

Of course, one of my goals for this next year is to blog better, but you have to give me a break for the last few months. I mean, baby? 'nough said. :) I'm gonna start fresh and take some posts to highlight some events and things from the last few months, but will take it as I wish. But, I do promise Charlotte's Birth Story part 2 and Christmas for positives. 


Our little family got a brand new spankin' new camera for Christmas! And it is NIIIIIICE. A EOS Rebel T3i (if that's the official name you would tell someone?) to be exact-and we got it for a wicked sweet deal.  It was a big splurge, but we've been dying to have this camera since Chad and I started dating so...we decided to just go for it since it would benefit us super super muchly and can now capture our beautiful Charlotte non-stop. :)  We're pretty stoked about it. So even more reason to blog with a new camera!

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday. We sure did!

Ally Jo

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  1. Look at your cute family!! I love it! Charolette is a doll!