~Halloween 2013~

Once upon a time...

Halloween seems like YEARS ago and I still have never blogged about it! Well, I'll do it now, I say!

Chad and I were super stoked because we had been planning what we would be for Halloween pretty much from the moment we knew Charlotte was a girl...and even before that we knew we would want to do this sometime. Chad and I had met when we did Peter Pan, the play, at our high school and I played Wendy and he played a pirate. We just so happened to have a little Tinker Bell outfit for my build-a-bear (that Chad got me when I turned 17! Who knew he would be using it for his future daughter someday!), and it fit Charlotte like a charm since she was 1 month old. :)

So that's what we did for Halloween! I was leaving to Hurricane with my family late that night to go see my brother in the Red Rocks Marching Band Competition in St. George that weekend, so Chad and I had a sweet, short, little Halloween. He got home about 6, we got dressed, watched a little of Hotel Transylvania, then went to our dear friends, the Anderson's and ate some homemade donuts that were to die for!

The day before we celebrated Halloween with my family since we  were all gonna be getting ready to leave on Halloween to St. George, so we had a little party (that turned into madness with 3 babies). It was fun, despite the chaos. ;)

Chris and Nephew Charlie. :) Jewls, Chris, and Charlie were garden gnomes! 
Charlie and Carter.

Little Pan

Little Carter was Peter Pan, Tom was Captain Hook (which when he put on the whole outfit, Carter was scared of him so that didn't last very long, haha), and Leafy was Tiger Lily. Our little family and there little family didn't even plan to all go together with the Peter Pan theme. Funny!

And our little fam...:)

So presh!

Here's a better snapshot of our beautiful little Charlotte in her adorable Tink outfit.

This was taken with Chad's phone so...not the best quality, but still cute!

Gotta love dressin' up! Next year? We'll keep it a secret till then! 

Hooray for late blog posts. Ciao! 

Love always, 
Ally J

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