The Hamster Goes Missing

So...sometimes I'm ridiculously 5 years old and do crazy things at our house.

As most women can relate, I feel like I loose half of my head of hair when I get in the shower. How do I loose that much?! I mean it's just insane. And down right gross.....especially when we forget to remove the hair when we're all done. ;) I usually always remember! But one morning....

...Chad mentioned something.

"Hey Hunny, so I found a hamster in the shower this morning."


"Yes. A hamster."

I'm still utterly blanking and don't understand how a hamster could possibly get into our shower.
 He laughs and begins to relate my wad of hair to a hamster.

Oh dear.
 I probably blushed a little, then laughed lots for my and my husband's silliness.

So the hamster was removed.

But I wasn't gonna let this be the end of our friend, the hamster. So I got up earlier one morning, took a shower, and went about my devious plan. And this is what Chad woke up to.

Mwah hahaha!

Chad's reaction?= what did I marry?

:) Perfect. Ha ha! Basically what went down for clarification, I removed all my hair that morning from the shower, which meant our hamster escaped! Which only meant utter panic with a hamster on the run. I had to warn Chad!

...So maybe I'm a little insane and crazy beyond all reasons, but it's the little things that keep marriage wonderful and fun. And remind you why you love the other one so much you could just squeeze their guts out. All over.

The hamster tends to make an appearance from time to time, but generally speaking, we have frightened the poor guy off. Case closed.

Love always,
Ally Jo

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