Girls Night Out

Remember conference weekend like over a month ago?

Well no worries that I'm JUST getting to posting about our girls night while the boys were at priesthood session. ;)

Basically, my mom, sis, and sis-in-law all met up at the best and only amazing Spagetti Factory for some grub. It was delicious as always, and we all got some much needed family girl time. Though it was a girl night...we did have our little guy, Carter tag along. :) I love my nephew so much! He is just growing and growing everyday, and I can't believe what a cute little man he is. Ah. To die for. 

We went to University Mall after our dinner and looked around for birthday present ideas for Leafy and I, since her birthday was that weekend and mine was around the corner. It was fun! And we got to attempt to stuff blankets around Carter in the mall strollers because he was just a tad bit too small for them. :)

Over all, it was a wonderful night out. Favorite part of the night? Being with my girls and having Carter hold my little finger as we strolled around the mall. :)

Yeah for Conference Weekend!

Love always,
Ally Jo

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