My Super-Hero Husband

I love my husband.

I'm know all of you out there with husbands of your own love them too.

Chad is my source of joy when I feel low. He loves me when my hair is greasy and gross and tells me I'm beautiful. He dances with me in the kitchen. He builds forts with me in the living room. He remembers special things. He races me to the car clear across the neighborhood and grabs me and spins me around. He snuggles up to me and massages my neck and plays with my hair. He makes me killer omelets. He opens my door for me. He reminds me that I'm loved. He reminds me I have a purpose. He goes to the temple with me almost every single week.

He has caused me to believe in love. Real love. He's convinced me that we really can be together forever and there is a great, incredibly brilliant plan behind having a man and a woman come together. You better believe it can be sorta sticky living with a member of the opposite sex ALWAYS. Not just a semester, but this guy is stuck with me everyday of forever. Ha! I love him for sticking it out with me, even when I turn into a monster. And believe me, I can be a monster.

He's my super hero. I'm convinced his white spot on the back of his head is really his only link to his secret identity. Because really? He's a super fighting machine. He saves millions. That's right. Feel jealous that I found a super-hero for my husband.

Chad wipes away my tears so very tenderly. And I cry lots, so he has mastered this skill. ;) He knows exactly what to do when I'm having women-time-of-the-month days. Chocolate, Cosby show, heated water bottle and blankets. He's pro. ;)

He's my rock. He's my teacher. He's my companion. He makes me laugh like a screaming banchee. He makes me feel special. He makes me feel like the luckiest girl ever. AND I absolutely love holding his hand and walkin' around town because, let's be real. I have something to show off. ;)

Oh ya. And he's ridiculously good looking. :)

I love my husband. I just get giddy thinking I get to be with him forever. Love you, Sweetie!

Love always,
Ally Jo


  1. I would have to agree ! He's not only a super hero husband to you,but a super hero son to me. Love you both :)

  2. Ah! <3 how cute! hehe :). Sounds amazing alright, honey. Thanks for always posting your blog posts onto facebook, sometimes I forget to check my blog. Hope you have a wonderful day :)