It seems like yesterday 
that I was compiling and creating
a blog post for my phenomenal brother,
for his birthday.

And here we are again, 
celebrating his special day. :)

My friends?
He's 16. 

When on earth did this happen?

I remember holding him 
for the first time in the hospital. 
All the kids had been at Grandma Best's that night.
We had to have someone watch us rascals, right?
And who else better than Grandma and Grandpa? 
When my Mommy and Daddy left to go to the hospital, 
I thought Mom was going to burst. 
Her tummy was HUGE!!!!

After a night at Grandma's, 
we went to see our new little brother. 

I remember looking through the glass...
Dad held me up.
We got to hold him.
:) I remember feeling like my arms 
were gonna fall off.
He was half my size!
But I was so excited to have 
a little guy to be my best friend.

I remember patting his chubby cheeks
and pushing him in the stroller.
I remember putting him on my back 
and taking a picture.
He cried a lot, 
but we loved him just the same. :)

Our family wouldn't be complete without our William.
Anyone would agree.

Had Mom not had another baby?
Well, we wouldn't be the fam we are.
We don't make sense without Will.
It's just how it is. 

William is his own bird with his own song. :)
No one gets in his way.

he's the strongest little guy I know.
I pale in comparison to his strength and wisdom.

He teaches me continually 
and amazes me with his
profound knowledge. :)
he rocks.

Love you, Bro. 
Happy Birthday!!!

Love Always, 
Little Besty

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