Hum-Drum Fuzzy Peaches

I made this deal
with myself.

It pretty much consisted
of the punishment that
I couldn't blog until I had
written {and posted}
"The Blog The Universe Has Been Waiting For".

I think I'll forgive myself
just this once for breaking
a deal. ;)


Hey, lovelies.

I had a glorious weekend. :)

You know those times...
where you're in the moment portrayed
above? ^

Just happy...
chocolate is always good...
you just wanna snuggle up
in that sweet awesome sweater
and possibly write forever?

Something like the expression of
comes to my little mind.

I would say content,
but that just doesn't cut it.

You feel completely at peace
with yourself,
hum-drum fuzzy like...
but you chuckle.

but add a little, hearty, smile-ular
gasp of a laugh.


I just wanna spin.
I wanna dance, twirl,
and blow bubbles
with the sun on my chilled cheeks.

Life is a peach
my friends.

Soooooooo good. :)

Happy day.

Love always,
Little Besty

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