"A Woman out of Youuuu"

Yesterday was one of those "good days"
that you'll remember forever.
Not because anything HUGE or significant happened,
but just because it was good.

*It started out getting up at 6:30 AM. {I wasn't considering the day being good then}.
*I drove with my awesome friend, Scottie the Hottie to Hurricane to pick up my aunt's car so I could go visit THE FAM this weekend.
*Scott dropped me off, and I opened the door to my aunt, walking around the kitchen wearing her sweet reading classes. She said, "Heeeey!" and offered me pancakes. Mmmm glorious pancakes. I took my now "Miss Hurricane" cousin to school and we talked about boys and babies. Ha. Ha. Ha.
*I came back to the aunt's house and ate pancakes while we laughed about life.
*I got back to Cedar ten minutes after class started, but it was totally fine.
*It was Windows Wednesday!
*I learned how to remember all the ten commandments with my two hands. It's amazing, remind me to show you.
*I unexpectedly got a Valentines Package from my Best Friend.
*I had a super fun lesson with Dr. Johnson. It was his birthday, too!

Okay, here comes the icing on the cake. So my amazing mommy got me a massage for Valentines. Let's be honest, I was feelin' a bit sketchy about the idea because I had never gotten one before. But, I said "what the hay" and walked in the wonderful wind to my car to go get that massage.
It was fantastic. Can I just tell you, if you haven't gotten one before, go. It was just wonderful. Simple as that. Sooooo relaxing.

*Well, after that I walked through the glorious rain to my car, and took a little trip to Walmart. Always love to go to Walmart by myself.
*After that...presidency meeting...ate some grub....and checked my blog.

Then more icing happened. I got a text from the friend that he was ready to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. My life seems to be revolving around this show ever since I saw the first episode on Valentines. My bud suggested that I should catch up on all the other episodes before the "Avatar Groupie" watches the last few of the season. So, that is my new goal. Finish them. ;)
The rain is pounding on the wind-shield, and I'm loving it. Blasting from the speakers is the CD of MULAN.

Now, let's just chill for a sec and discuss this wonderfulness. When I'm alone in the car, I turn the music all the way up and sing my heart out. Is it bad that Donny Osmund singing "..man out of you.." gives me the chills? Oh, Donny. I will be a man for you! One of the lines really HIT me yesterday.

"Once you find your center...you are sure to WIN."

I thought about how true these words are. The moment that we find who we really are, everything else falls into place and the world just makes a lot more sense. When I give myself to the Lord...and trust completely in his plan for me, I find rest to my aching soul. So,.Heavenly Father says to me:

"I'll make a woman out of youuuuu!"

I couldn't do it without you.

Love Always,
Little Besty

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