9 months ago

So I was looking through a bunch of my pictures on my computer, and found these photos! I realized I never actually posted them, so obviously I had to put them up! What a way to celebrate the day after my baby girl's due date, yeah?

{Nope, she's not here yet...little stinker. She is overdue!
Stop making Daddy and Mommy wait!}

We're gonna be parents!

I'm gonna be a Mama!

I know I've told the whole story before, but just for the sake of pictures, this was late one night after the shower. I had been sitting on the bathroom floor, waiting for my results. Then the Yes + turned up and I FREAKED. (Happy freak!) Plus a "oh my goodness....we're pregnant...oh dear..." freak. I went and showed Chad and he had the biggest shock on his face, and proceeded to keep that look on his face for the remainder of the night. Ha ha! We've come so far!

Love our baby girl. Can't wait to have her with us soon! {Did you hear that, Charlotte? Soon!}

Love always, 
Ally Jo

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