Collect Moments

There's always the biggest challenge when it comes to actually writing on this page.
I could write so many different things...so what do I choose?

Couldn't really tell ya how that happens. But somehow, it does.

I've realized some things lately. "Re"-realized. One important theme in my life keeps re-occurring, and that is this:

I used to collect porcelain dolls when I was little. I ADORED those dolls. They were on display in my bedroom on top of my dresser. My Grandpa Lynn would give me one every Christmas, and my neighbor would give me one every now and then as well. My mom got me some too. They were really special to me, and still are. I would dust off their perfect dresses and teach them "lady lessons" in "school". They all had beautiful curls adorning their faces. 

As much as I love 'em, they now are carefully put away till my daughters can enjoy them. They had their place in my life, but for now, they have left me. I had some good times with them. But overall? The times I loved those dolls weren't when I had so many, but with the memories that came with them. One of the moment I remember crying to my dolls because I felt like they were my only friends. Another moment I remember embracing certain dolls and gently touching their bouncy curls. The moments are what makes those dolls so special.

I look back on my life, and even at the now, and I realize that it's moments that make my life so precious and perfect. It's not the new this or that I got. It's the moments in the day. It was yesterday when I laid down in bed and Chad came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and whispered that he loved me. It was when he read me his journal entry of 5 reasons why he loved me today. It's when we made jokes. It's when he stopped me and just held me and my face.

I remember the moment I said goodbye to the stage at AF High. I sat on the edge of the stage, all alone, and said farewell to that chapter of my life. I remember the moment I knew I was saying goodbye to some people for the last time. Yes, they were hard, but they were meaningful and full of life.

Moments like this. Not posed. Just a moment where we realized, "Freak. We're engaged. And I have a ring on my finger". And Chad: "Dude, I just PUT THAT on her finger!". :)

I'll never forget this second!

Brooklyn Ally love.

Senior girlies all together for last time.

Love of family

Look at Matthew's face. :)
No words for this one.

None of us are gonna forget these simply, probably 10 second moments of our lives. 

So, there's your proof. What moments have stuck with you? Make a collection. For those are what will stay with you, always. 

Ally Jo

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