Date with Mr. J

I must admit,
at first,
every time I write out
Mr. J on posts,
I think of my drama teacher
so we may have to get a new name
for my sweetheart.

For now,
I'll have you all know
that this is Mr. Chad Edward Johnson
I'm talking about,
not my former teacher!

So, anyway...

About a week ago,
Chad and I decided to
have some time to ourselves
and go on an actual date.

Sure, you spend every second
but to set aside some time to
go and do something
is such an awesome thing.

We decided that
one last dinner to Parker's
was the only option for food,
so that's what we did.

I technically had
my last visit the week before
with my family,
but I just HAD to have another fry
before it closed forever.

He was pretty upset....

After our scrumptious feast,
we journeyed up to Salt Lake.

I was the one planning the date,
so I made it a surprise for what
we were doing.

However...he guessed pretty fast.

We went to the Gallivan Center
and went ice-skating!

I went here last year,
and you got your skates
and such in this tent.

Which I have to say was pretty sweet.

But this year,
they totally upgraded.

They build this building,
but this lights everywhere around
the rink with pretty colors,
and bottom-line,
it's SUPER legit now.

Oh my.

{And I have to mention that's Hot Cocoa ;)}

Can I just say...
Ice-skating is 8042095235 guzillion times
better with your sweetheart.

Just sayin'.

It was a lovely evening
and I look forward to many more
dates to come!

Love always,
Little Besty

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