Morning Sickness Blues


Oh, the woes of morning sickness. 


Once upon a time, Ally was sick. Always. Like barfing, real baggy pj's, only eats creamies and mac and cheese and saltines, sweaty gross always. As I've talked with others who dealt with morning sickness, I've concluded that it's just not the greatest and a phase you just gotta stick out. And of course, I've also collected from myself 100% and the morning sick club that it's TOTALLY worth it. 

Somedays, though? Are hard. 

My morning sickness came by total surprise. I wasn't expecting to get real sick at all because my mom was never sick during her pregnancies, and my sister only had a cold for the first few months of her pregnancy...so I wasn't even expecting...the "other" side, ha ha. 

About 4 weeks in I started feeling sort of gross, but nothing unusual. Then the day of death happened. I don't know what came over me, but I started throwing up in the night and probably threw up 20 times in a couple hours. If I stood up, I would throw up. It got to the point where I would drink something real fast before I threw up so there was something to it...I know. Gross and too much detail. But truth. Truth. 

I had a real bad flu. I was confined to the couch for...always. Eventually after a few days, I got feeling better, but I was still having the occasional throw up. Then it was more of a "consistent" occasional throw up every day. Then I knew. 

Morning sickness. 

There's only so much you can do if you have morning sickness. You can get everyone's different "tricks" and such, but in the end, everyone is different. Some people get real relief from tortilla chips, while others get it from vitamin B6 and half of a Unisom. For me, saltines, creamies, mac and cheese, and other random things seems to calm my stomach. My nausea medication helps too. But I'm never really 100%. As much as I want to be for me and everyone. 

Some days, I can't even leave the bed. I get up for the bathroom and throwing up, but other than that....movies and Hulu have become my best friends. :) It's been hard to keep myself from feeling sorry for myself. I feel guilty just lying around...but there really is nothing else I can do. I really wish I could be more helpful to Chad like I used to...but generally speaking, I just gotta lay down and take it easy. And Chad...Chad is such a gem through all of this. He will be getting his own post just because he's THAT over the top, incredibly amazing. He is the top notch husband when it comes to morning sickness needs. :) More on the hubs later. 

Back to feeling sorry for myself. ;) There really isn't a lot anyone can do either. I'll have so many people ask to help...but in the end...it's just a time to get through and endure and hope it ends soon. But I am so grateful for all the offerings of love and advice. :) I am truly blessed to have so many that care about me. My VT's have been AMAZING. Since cooking is sort of out of the question for now because it  makes me gag and throw up, my VT's have been bringing Chad dinner 2 nights a week. STELLAR.That is real visiting teachers right there!

I have so many people helping me out. Blessings from Chad, caring nurses at the doctor's office, encouragement from family and friends, a mommy's healing hand, and so much more. It really does help knowing that though this can't really be "cured", I got a big fan club giving me tons of support. 

It's only a few more weeks till I'll be seeing "2nd trimester" skies and, baby? I am READY for that! I look forward to feeling better and I can feel my body starting to look up and feel better. :)



  1. Ah <3 congratulations!

  2. I honestly cannot believe you're pregnant. It's the greatest most amazing thing ever! I'm glad you're better, but I'm sorry morning sickness was so bad for you!

  3. Ha ha I still can't believe I'm pregnant! Thanks for the love, Steph! I miss you like crazy. :)